“Computer Monitoring Error” WHS 2011 Problem

There is a problem with Windows Home Server 2011 that occurs after the installation of the Update Rollup 2 package, that causes a “Computer Monitoring Problem” to appear in the dashboard.

This error seems to only affect some people and is speculated to be linked with the removal of an old computer. The message will keep coming back even after you clear it and it also affects people with Small Business Server 2011 and Windows Storage Server 2008 R2.

Microsoft have acknowledged the problem and have released a hotfix to help solve the problem. People have reported that it does work although as always there are a select few saying the issue remains even after the update, but they may have other issues as well. Only install the hotfix if the symptoms of the problem match up with those on the Microsoft support page as the hotfix is not fully certified as of yet.

Links for all operating systems can be found here

I recently had this issue and I have installed the hotfix on my WHS 2011 system, but I have yet to restart it since I have not had the chance to do it yet as I have a lot of things running and it is a real pain to restart it.

I will update this post if it works.

Hope this info is of help to people.

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